edgar lindo
Hello there!, I am Edgar Lindo. This space is created to let people know a bit more about myself, my interests, and my work.

Through the years I have met thousands of people working in the industrial machinery business, and always I seem to find people asking questions such as, where are you from? how do you speak Spanish? how did you learn English? How is it that you know this product? Where do you live now?... and so on..

Rather then explain myself every time I enter a conversation about my background, my interests, or my current project, maybe is better to write things in a public space and have fun with it.

Welcome to my cloud house!

Who is Edgar Lindo in short?

I am an industrial automation sales guy with experience in hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, and mechanical industrial products. I have experience in industrial markets from north, central, and south America working in wide range of industrial machinery applications with End Users, distributors, and machine builders (OEMs).

I am by need/fun a programmer, a website builder. Learning to code later in life was a surprise that I enjoy, and I keep on learning and developing for work reasons, and likely for fun as well.

I am a family guy, even when I am always busy is important to have time with your family specially for the lady and growing kids.

I am just chilling.