edgar lindo

I work as an independent industrial sales engineer. Much of my work is together with a range small to mid size industrial manufacturers for hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical products used in different industrial machinery applications. Usually large companies say they have full coverage of different markets, which offers me an opportunity to introduce new products to take market share with my partners.

With a solid background in Fluid Power I have a good base of what is really required in the industrial manufacturing world. Many products fall outside of the range of Fluid Power, but still directly or indirectly related to the very same industrial application seen in hydraulics.

Products like servo motors, drives, linear bearings, lubrication systems, sensors, gear boxes, and too many other to mention are often handle by companies and engineers who are coming from the old Fluid Power world. This is the reason why Fluid Power is now often called / or evolving to "Mechatronics".

How do you learn about so many industrial products?

Depending on what type of company you are working for, many people get used to work with just one single product. In how many companies, or how many people have the opportunity to work with entire machine system for all sort of different machines?

When I arrived in Michigan I was hired to work for one of the area largest industrial distributors, which handle products in hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, mechanical, and lubrication products, but how can a single company be able to handle such different products all under one roof? Part of the answer was the hiring of application engineers from different manufacturers, from different fields, all working together and training sales people on different products.

In some companies you required to learn the engineering of the products you promote, and when you have such a large range of product and fields, then you acquire more knowledge and you feel more comfortable and confident on learning about new products.


For industrial manufacturers
If you are a manufacturer of industrial products that is used for industrial machinery, and you are looking to expand markets in north or south America, then I would be interested in discussing a partnership for mutual benefits.

For industrial distributors
Depending on your location I could offer you a verity of industrial products that could be an alternative for your local large brand names. For more details are products open for distribution you could visit TU .

For End User
If you are a purchasing agent, maintenance person, or engineer working in an industrial plant needing of some specific items, then maybe I would be able to find some alternative solutions for your needs depending on the products. If it is a product falling into distribution category I could let you know about our partner in your area, and if it is a product outside the distribution line then maybe I could find an alternative product.

Domestic and international business

If you are calling from outside the United States there is no problem on quoting products put in the United States, or location such as Miami or on the border to Mexico. We can also quote international transportation but if you have your own carrier that would be better if you can work with your own transportation company.

If you are located in the United States I can always quote you products, or point to our nearest partner in your area.

Talk to me.