edgar lindo

I was born in Nicaragua many moons ago, and came to the United States in the middle of the winter in January 1993. It was more than interesting to go from tropical weather to a very cold St. James, Minnesota, in which place for first time ever I saw snow, got my first one week long cold, and first time (and maybe last time) I saw somebody wearing wooden snowshoes walking right outside my window, and people driving cars on top of a frozen lake. I have tons of good, and some not so good memories of good old St. James.

Back in those days St. James was a town of bout 3,000 people so I was told. This was the place where I started to learn and speak English in the everyday basis. Classes were not that hard, but I had to translate everything to get the right answers. One and a half years later I graduated from high school and by then I spoke decent English.

Granite Falls, Minnesota

I was lucky enough to have some sort of direction of where to go after high school. As new-er immigrant I did not have much idea of how things works. I knew I wanted to go college to study something, and that something needed to be more related to math, because I do like math after all.

During muy senior year at St. James I had to opportunity to meet a college head hunger from Granite Falls. She was presenting all of the educational programs the school offers, and Fluid Power took my interest.

Why Fluid Power?.. Fluid Power had some attraction due to the creation of engineering circuits, either electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic circuits, and everything coming together for machine automation. I was excited to find such a field that requires some math skills, and an industrial field to deal with machinery and American manufacturing.

After Granite Falls

After graduating from college (and surprise to know I never missed a day of class) I quickly found a job as plant maintenance, but then quickly changed jobs to sales engineer for at the time a German hydraulic filter manufacturer called INTERNORMEN-Filter, which years later become part of group of Eaton-Vickers in the United States.

INTERNORMEN was the place where I started to understand the industrial manufacturing business, dealing with distributors, with End Users, and working in all sort of different industrial machineries for all sort of industries, some of the industries that come to mind are for example steel mills, paper mills, agriculture, auto industry, mining, forestry, plastic, among others.


Today I live in the Detroit metro area in the state of Michigan, USA. Sure I have also lived in a few other states before Michigan, but I am skipping all that in here.

I have a beautiful smart lady by my side, and two awesome smart kids with her. Today everything I do is with the thinking on how to better serve my family.

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